Tatsuhiro Aoshima ってのは、プログラミングキャンプ2009に参加した中学生ハッカー。これがマージされればLKMLの平均年齢が相当下がるな。


2009/08/16 Linux Kernel Podcast

On another security related note, David Wagner drew attention to a security paper from this year’s USENIX playing up the impact of making various files world readable in the task directories under /proc. In one case, they are able to use the ESP and EIP information from a task stat file to recover information about another user’s keystrokes, which is potentially a security issue. This said, there have long been patches available (such as grsecurity) that hide various process statistics from other users, and it would be relatively trivial to adapt one of these for mainstream consumption. Co-incidentally, Kosaki Motohiro posted a patch (from Tatsuhiro Aoshima) adding more statistics to the aforementioned state file, for user time and system time consumed by the task. One awaits the next alarmist paper.